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We are an Italian  based law firm that truely assists and represents people and business from overseas and locally in Italy,

We approach every representation with an equivalent commitment to first understanding, and then effectively and efficiently advancing, in the interests of our customers and arriving at the very best outcome.

Our team consists of attorneys, agents, staff members, advisors, legal researchers, surveyor and other specialists. If a client has a concern, we’ll instantly find the person in our team with the answer. If there’s a shift in the legal landscape, we’re on top of it, and our clients will be too.

We assist many clients daily from countries like Australia, Canada , America , United Kingdom and many more with situations ranging from

  • Property succession inheritance division,
  • Land Rental and Sales
  • Pension and immigration
  • Residential laws
  • Criminal Law
  • Family
  • Business
  • And various other areas of Italian law


Our Online Consultation offers a detailed report of any questions or doubts you may have for a very low price to help you get a better and quicker understanding of a situation and how to proceed

We are always here to Assist You With “Avv Bonavita”

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